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Regular workshop

Let's talk about Kyoto in English


"Let's talk about Kyoto in English" is a meeting to study Kyoto in English& Japanese.
We are studying twice a month aiming to be able to speak in English on one theme each time.
· Those who want to show Kyoto in English
· Kyoto lovers
· Those who would like to talk in English about Japan and Kyoto when going abroad
It is perfect. In case

Please feel free to join us.

Japanese calligraphy


This workshop is a feeling that something can be born, a little rich time can be spent as a result of a cup of coffee and a pen. Progress in writing is sometimes important. But please feel "warmly writing" is not everything, but the warmth of writing that personality and hands. Rather than care about efficiency only, care about that time itself, carefully live. I think that it would be a chance to "raise the sensitivity of the mind" by remembering such a thing to forget. I own one favorite pen. Please do not do something difficult and feel free to come by.

Music live etc....


We hold music live one or two times a month. Various genres, performers are various. You can spend a special time in a nice Kyomachiya.